As the winter season is up and running in most parts of the world, maintaining your car is a must. Land-slides, snow fall, untimely rains are good number of reasons, convincing enough, to give your car the attention it really deserves. 5 great tips which you need to follow on a periodic basis, to make driving a real fun. Here they are, for you to ponder over:

Regularly service your vehicle

Do not look for due dates on the car maintenance guide, to know when the servicing for your car needs to be carried out. The manufacturer may suggest you to service your car once every 6 months. But, it is pretty much ideal, you service your vehicle, every 3 months or so. Regular servicing will help your vehicle burn less and consume lesser fuel.

Tune ups

Whenever you face a serious maintenance issue, like a faulty oxygen sensor, make sure you immediately get the whole thing replaced. Replacing the entire equipment can increase mileage by as high as 40%. Definitely a great idea, if you want to have those long drives with friends and family.

Check your tires

Tires which are not properly inflated, require more pressure from the engine, to get the whole vehicle started. This can lead to higher consumption of fuel. The resultant factor is lesser mileage. So you need to fill in your tires with sufficient air so that the tires are able to ply on roads comfortably. Check the car guide, which you must have received while you purchased the vehicle from the showroom. The car guide tells you the optimal pressure needed by tires, and you need to get the tires filled accordingly. Heavy duty vehicles might need a pressure of 10 psi or more. Light Motor Vehicles like a simple make car, requires 8 psi or so.

You can get yourself a tire pressure sensor, to get the info at your finger-tips. A lot of companies sell the pressure detectors online itself.

Check your tires, when your engine gets heated up or you find a sufficient increase in temperature.

Inspect your air caps

Air/gas caps that are loose or missing can actually cause the gas to evaporate. The atmosphere gets polluted, which in turn harms the environment. And you make more frequent visits to the gas station, as such.

Spark plugs need thorough attention

Spark plugs get worn out over time. As the spark plugs get outdated, they reduce their ability to spark up the engine’s performance. A lot of energy or power is lost, this way. A misfiring spark can result in, performance of your engine’s efficiency to fall short of standards by as high as 30%

Winters cause more havoc to tires, as such. Tires get flattened out very soon, as the vehicle has to go through the ups and downs on a chilly terrain and thereby go through the demanding environmental conditions, nature throws up at you. So car and tire maintenance is definitely the need of the hour, for those eco-friendly drives on the road!